5 Crucial Tips for Making Your Home Sell Faster

5 Crucial Tips for Making Your Home Sell Faster

Whether you have just put your home up for sale or have been trying to sell it for a while, you probably want to find a buyer as soon as possible. Especially, if you already have your sights set on another property for your next home.

One of the main factors that affect how quickly a property sells is its appeal. If your property isn’t that appealing, then it will naturally take longer to sell. However, if your home is well designed, maintained and presented, you should find a buyer much more quickly.

Before advertising your property, think about how it looks. Does your home have a good curb appeal? Is the inside of your property well designed and well presented? Is there anything that you could do to improve it? These are important things to think about, after all, first impressions count.

By simply making a few small changes, you can not only make your home more appealing, but you can also add value to it.

Here are our five crucial tips for making your home sell faster:

1. De-clutter

Before putting your home up for sale, take the time to clear out your old junk and de-clutter the space. If your property is overcrowded with junk, it may put potential buyers off. So it is crucial that you take the time to de-clutter.

Anything that you don’t need, should be thrown away. Anything that you want to keep, put in storage ready for when you move to your new home.

2. Give your Property a Lick of Paint

Give both the inside and outside of your property a fresh coat of paint, this will freshen up the look of your home and make it more appealing.

If painting the outside of your house isn’t doable, hire a pressure washer and clean it with that instead. You would be surprised at how much of a difference a quick clean with a pressure washer can make.

For the inside of the house, you want to make it look as light and airy as possible. The best way to do this is by painting all the walls in light, neutral colours. Adding a few well-placed mirrors into your property should also help.

3. Repair and Update

Go around your home looking for anything that needs repairing – cracks in walls, broken tiles, squeaking doors, threadbare carpets, etc. Take the time to repair or replace these, so that your property looks well maintained.

Although you may not be leaving the curtains or blinds in the property, it is still a good idea to fix or update them if they need it. If your curtains are looking a little worse for wear, why not update them with custom window treatments? Believe it or not, even small things like this, can add value to your property.

If a property appears to be well maintained, potential buyers are more likely to make an offer for it. This is because if the small items are well cared for, then people presume the bigs things will be too.

4. Make it Sparkle

The one thing that puts potential buyers off a property more than anything else is an unclean home. The idea of living in a property that was messy or dirty before can be a real turn off for house hunters, that’s why it is so important to make your home sparkle.

Clean tile grout, wash all the floors, get rid of limescale, polish the taps, get rid of bad odours, and put out fresh towels. Small things like this will increase the appeal of your home and make it more likely to sell quickly.

5. Tidy the Garden

As well as cleaning and updating the inside of the property, don’t forget to do the same for the outside. Cut the grass, trim the hedges, de-weed the garden, get rid of clutter, etc. While this won’t add value to your home, it will give the property more curb appeal.

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