DIY Projects That Can Save You Thousands in Your New Home

It is not often that people move into a home and are completely happy with it. It is in our nature to change and improve things to make things just the way we like them. There are those that see a home in need of work as a chance to make a profit. Indeed, if you can do the work yourself and can find the right place, it is a distinct possibility.

There are projects that will benefit any worn out home; we will take a look at those in a moment. Before we do, I would like to have a word about safety. In many renovations, there will be times when the gas pipes or electrical wiring need alteration. You should not interfere with the gas system under any circumstances. It is illegal for someone to do so if they are not qualified and listed on the Gas Safe Register. You can undertake wiring alterations as long as you never work on a live system and get a qualified electrician to test and inspect it before you turn on the power.


PC: Colleen Lane

Let’s assume that you trawled through the bungalow listings in Taunton and found the ideal home to fix up. Here are some DIY projects that could save you thousands.


In an old property, the walls might be in a shocking state. A plasterer could charge three-hundred pounds or more for a day’s work; you can see the advantages of DIY plastering. Often you only need to skim the walls with a new topcoat, which isn’t as difficult as you may think. Paint the walls with an appropriate PVA adhesive before applying the plaster. You only need to apply a thin layer and work it with a float until it is perfectly smooth.

Fit a New kitchen

The kitchen is a vital feature of the house, particularly if you mean to sell it on. It is a room where you will find gas pipes, so take care. Here are some DIY skills you need to fit it to a high standard.

  • Carpentry comes in handy for installing the units and worktops.
  • Plumbing skills enable you to install the sink, washing machine, and dishwasher.
  • Talented tilers can coat the walls and floor with ceramics. They are what sets one kitchen apart from another.
  • General building skills are essential for installing the extractor, etc.

There is no mystery to kitchens; you just need to work to a high-standard.


Repointing the house is a labour-intensive job. You would have to employ many people for a short time or one person for weeks. It will cost a lot whichever way you choose. Learn how to point the brickwork yourself and work on it when you can. It could take months to complete as a DIY job, but think of the money you will save.


The bathroom is the other room of which people take note. You need the same skills as for the kitchen project, and the of the finish is down to the quality of the fixtures and fittings.

Beware, home renovation is addictive, and your house could be in turmoil for many years as you are constantly on the lookout for new projects. Keep your eyes on the prize though, it will look stunning when you finish.

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